Read is qualified to deliver and mark Arts Award Silver & Bronze and has an up to date DBS certificate. He facilitates workshops for adults and young people including those with behavioural challenges and additional needs.
Arts Award is a nationally-recognised qualification for young people, it is moderated by Trinity College London and supported by Arts Council England.

Sam is an Associate Artist at Nottingham Contemporary. He contributes to the Learning programme by designing and delivering workshops for schools and community groups inspired by the current exhibition. These sessions take place in and outside the gallery.

He is also a member of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art's Associate Educators, a select pool of practicing artists who have experience working with young people, including those from alternative education settings.

"Punky Printmaking", 2017

In this workshop students from CE Academy made linocuts and drypoint prints of composite monsters. They did this by collaging illustrations from natural history and art history books before tracing their creations onto the block/plate. The students were then shown how to produce editions with methods such as hand-burnishing before graciously allowing the artist to use his car as a presss by driving over the plates, to surprisingly good effect.

"Card Construction", 2017

Sam worked with a cohort of eight youth justice members in Sheffield, introducing them to sculpting with household tools. Using digitally-rendered blueprints, the group developed unique models from common parts which can be be scaled up to sculptures of any size.

"Flags & Shelters", 2017

In this workshop Sam worked with pupils to design and make shelter-like installations and flags in the outdoors. After creating hand-cut graphics and drawings, these were mounted on flexible plastic and used to make shelter-like sculptures and flags. Small-scale models were then produced using plastic offcuts and metal strips.


"Modular Models", 2017
Sam taught students to construct 3D geometric shapes from printed card which they customised with their own designs. The off-cuts were recycled to create geometric collages. The students used Kinect hardware and photogrammetry software to capture spatial data of themselves and their environment. Sam helped them to reconstruct this data on the laptop using 3D modelling software to produce colourful semi-abstract self-portraits.

"Glyphs & .GIFs", 2016
In these workshops, students were taught to use information from practical exercises to produce data which could then be digitally visualised. By digitizing their drawings and recordings, they could then produce original glyphs (symbols inspired by type, script and written language) which they then animated using free software. The end results where exported as stills and animated .GIF files.