Red Monday

This event was the product of the “Sofa Residency” at F-L-A-T-5, a curatorial project in the home of Nottingham-based curators Saria Digregorio and Chiara Delerba. Sam collaborated with artist Craig David Parr to develop an event which could replace the phenomena of “Blue Monday”- the discredited theory which claims to identify the most depressing day in the calendar year. Sam and Craig took the hallmark themes of Blue Monday (personal debt, low productivity, High Street sales etc.) and parodied or inverted them in drawings, moving image and a comic zine. The opening party took place on 21 January, the date of Blue Monday in 2019 in the front room of F-L-A-T-5. This residency provided the groundwork for the two-person exhbition Winter Sun.



Photo credit: Anthony Hopwood.

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