The Public Secret

Floor 4, York House, Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5SH

18 October – 28 November 2018

Open by appointment:,

The Public Secret, as a concept for a project, largely took its queue from The Institute For Precarious Consciousness Raising’s article on the Plan C website. From here we understand the public secret to be “something that everyone knows, but nobody admits, or talks about”. And “as long as the dominant affect is a public secret, it remains effective, and strategies against it will not emerge”. And for as long as strategies do not emerge “public secrets are typically personalised”, meaning people feel personal shame and guilt for problems that they didn’t cause; big, external problems are internalized.

-John Ledger, Retro Bar co-founder

For this group exhibition with The Retro Bar collective, Sam Read developed several sprawling assemblages of models made from paper and wire that resemble simple dwellings. Together these units make a town of indeterminate scale.


2018, Hand-Printed Paper Models, Paper Hats, Galvanised Wire Mesh, Aerosol Paint




The Public Secret exhibition was installed by collective members John Wright, Benjamin Parker, Rebekah Whitlam and Sam Read, with conceptual input from Liam McCabe, and David Hooppell.

This project was possible with support from Skippko.

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